Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh NO, look what I did!

Did you ever start to put something back in its place and you realize right then the whole thing needs to be redone???? Well I do it all the time. This would be the number one reason why I live by a planner and a to do list. I tend to like things very structured and organized and start to feel like my throat is closing up and I can not breathe when something is all cluttered up. My mind feels as if all four walls are vibrating and I can not hear a sound or a thought.

On that note. I decided to put away a few childrens books. We have a lot of them...... 2 bookcases full and bookcases in each of the boys rooms. That one simple task of filing the books back on the shelf became an all out organizing and decluttering of books. As of right now the entire hallway is a potential landmine of bins with books in them.  I am now sitting here looking at this mess and realize this was Crazy!

So far we have managed to redo all the childrens fiction by the authors last name and I am actually removing about 80 books from our collection.This was so hard for me. I save books for the boys to share with their children one day, just the ones that they loved when they were younger. The problem with that is they had alot of favorites. I also tend to buy books that I know are incredible childrens stories when I come across them at a thrift store. This would be why I have 8 Goodnight Moon books. 
I am sure I will be dreaming about shelving books all night. Has anyone else done something like this before???? 

Hopefully I  will come out of this mess sometime soon to resume my other activites.
As far now......

I am lost in a sea of books hoping to return soon. Feel free to send out a search party if you have not heard from me, oh lets say in a day or so!


  1. We probably have at least that many! I can't help but buy books from the school and stores. But they are all scattered through out my house. And are you using the Dewey Decimal system and library cards yet lol?

  2. Oh this so reminds me of Sabrina and her books! lol


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