Friday, July 30, 2010

Sew little patience......

Patience has never been one of my best virtues. Some people are blessed with it. I tend to be an instant gratification person which probably explains why sewing and I have never been great partners. I always feel as if sewing just has too many steps. Cutting, pressing, pinning, more pressing.... you get the picture. My friend Robin
sews beautifully. You can tell she makes her cuts precise, pins everything correctly, creates straight seams, even sews rick-rack the way it was made - not just sewn down the middle. You can see a quilt that she has done here to get the jest of what I am saying. She recently made me this purse.

It is sooooo me. I just love it! As I was looking at the construction of it, I could not help but think that she sews like my Mimi (my grandmother). Everything of hers was beautiful too. The inside of her stuff was just as pretty as the outside. She did not care if you never saw it. She knew it was right plus she swore that everything lay better if it was this way.

 My mom is like this too. She tends to be very thorough in how she does things. I don't know what happened to me. I am sure the whole family wonders too. I am always planning, dreaming, got too many ideas and projects to work on..... its a never ending saga. These ladies are inspiring me to try to do better with all of my sewing projects. I do have to say the Embroidery machine and the Cricut are great partners for me. That is some instant gratification right there! For now I will just have to slow down and remember sometimes the extra mile produces better results!

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