Friday, July 23, 2010

Penguins Crossing!


Well I told you that I had an ornament for you so let me explain this little fellow to you. Are you familiar with The Penguins of Madagascar? We love them at our house. They completely crack us up. Even my hubby loves them. He usually imitates them and has nicknamed all three boys with one of the penguins names.

I thought it was only fitting to make Penguin ornaments for Christmas this year. This one is really easy to make....
you paint a light bulb!

Seriously , you just spray paint the bulb white. Make an outline of the face and tummy, and dry paint the yellow around the outline. Add the black everywhere else, paint the details on face and spray some clear finish on the bulb. After the finish dries, add some feet cut from yellow foam, wings cut from black foam and a little stocking cap made from a baby sock. Thats it! Simple, right? They are cute and cartoonish looking just like the show.
I think the boys will be happy with the little family of penguins I made to remind us of all the times we have laughed at those penguins antics. 

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