Monday, July 5, 2010

14 years ago

I became a MOM. My eldest son joined us and we became a family of three. I remember feeling just amazed, a little overwhelmed and unprepared looking at him, not sure of what to do. It eventually fell into place. So many wonderful memories cross my mind as I play back the last 14 years. I have always enjoyed his birthdays. I Love the planning, the decorating and coordinating the event. Never have I been one of those moms who is sad because her child is slipping into another stage of development. Each birthday has always been such a FUN celebration and a delightful way to commemorate where he was developmentally. He has had a very cool Egyptian party, a camp out party, the adventurous spy party and one of the best Harry Potter parties ever. Then he reached the tween years where all of his parties were at the pool.  LOTS of water fun!

 Now that he is 14, well he just wants a  couple of friends to go with him to the water park, nothing major. He really just wanted a quiet birthday to enjoy us and his gifts.  I was kind of sad. I realized today we only have a few more years to enjoy him and that he is passing that bridge over to adulthood. 

 The most I was allowed to decorate this year was this.....

Just a simple, colorful table setting for the mexican meal he wanted.
 He did not even want to eat at the restaurant. He just wanted to bring it home and have dinner with some cake afterwards. He is such a great kid and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. I have alot of wondeful memories and I am looking forward to the many more to come. I hope one day he realizes or comes to understand how much joy was given to us on July 5th, 1996.


  1. Just so you know...this made me cry!

  2. So sweet and think one day you will be doing wonderful party for grandkids and you can really spoil them!


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