Friday, July 9, 2010

Its all about me!

At least it was today. I managed to get a good bit of stuff done on my embroidery machine (remember I am still playing exploring on it). It has been fun but also frustrating at times too. Over all though I got quite a bit done. I feel a tad bit more comfortable with it. After focusing on embroidering I was able to finish up a project meant just for me.  I made a little tote to go with a cooler I had bought that is hot pink with white dots. Luckily I had found some placemats with the same design at the Dollar Tree. It was super easy to convert them into a tote. I added a couple of pockets on the outside/ inside and finished it off with my name in some lime thread.

I love it, matches the cooler perfectly! I just need to make me a lime Keyper to wrap around instead of the pink one I have on it now. That will have to wait till my next ME

Oh and can you believe we are almost to the six month mark for Christmas?????
I plan on celebrating next week with a post everyday about all things Christmas. I have already made my list of gifts to make and projects I need to get done. I will share that with you as well as some of our family traditions, ornaments, and favorite dishes. Have a wonderful weekend!

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