Thursday, July 15, 2010

Make an Ornament!

Christmas would not be normal at our house if we did not make some ornaments. I guess by now you figured out I love ornaments. I am sure when I mentioned how many ornaments we put on the tree that you got the hint. We usually try to make at least two new ornaments to add to the collection every year in addition to the hallmark ornaments we purchase. Paper ornaments are very easy for kids to do. Sometimes just a little addition of some embellishments will take it a step further into something that becomes quite a treasure.

The last two years we made some lovely bird ornaments. The pattern I used is from Family Fun magazine (truly an essential read at our house). It is a simple pattern to trace and cut to be adapted as you see fit. Family Fun made the bird out of stiff felt but I chose to make ours out of card stock paper. I downloaded the pattern from their site and used it to make some tracers out of tagboard.
Then you simply use the tagboard tracer to draw out the birds body and wings. I have found an xacto knife and small embroidery scissors to be my best friend in this project but for obvious reasons they do not partner well with kids. If your children are making these just use scissors that are appropriate to their hands.You will need to to make a tiny slit in the middle of the wings and the body so that they slide into each other to achieve the 3D effect.

 You could certainly stop here and have a  very simple endearing little ornament.
 I decided to take ours another step by adding some beads and glitter to the bird.
We brushed the tips of the wings with glue and sprinkled a tad of irradescent glue on it.  Using a very small hole puncher, we added a hole at the top of the head to attach the hanger.  The beads were attached in the same manner at the bottom of the body.
You could use string to hang them or do I as I have done with an ornament hanger.
 The Christmas Cardinal
The Dove
We have packaged these several ways in the past.
 If you do not assemble , they work well in a card as Family Fun suggest. 
 Most of the time I give it as an assembled ornament.
We just wrap it delicately in tissue paper and place it in a box meant for a coffee mug.  Usually I will create a card with a cardinal stamped on the front and this on the inside:

The symbol of the Cardinal

The cardinal has become a symbol
of the beauty and warmth
of the holiday season.
Known for its spectacular red color,
many call it the Christmas bird.

The cardinals scarlet plumage
represents the blood of
Christ shed for the
redemption of mankind.

As you hang your ornament on
the tree, we hope it serves
as a little reminder of the reason
we celebrate the season.

Unfotunately I can not find my symbol of the dove card but as soon as I do I will post it. I will have to look for my hard copy which is not as easy to locate as an electronic one.
Who knows where it went!

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