Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Instant Candy Dispenser

Candy is such a wonderful treat  and even sweeter when given as a gift. I was so lucky to receive this unique candy dispenser for Teacher Appreciation from one of my students. They knew I love Duke so my little K student painted it himself (with the help of his wonderful mom) and was very proud to give it to me. My husband seem to claim it as soon as I walked in the door with it by stating he had the perfect spot...... right on his desk. The boys and I still eat the candy so I just let him think he found the perfect spot.  I figured as long as I had access to it and I could see it...... I would let it be.

The boys fell in love with it too. They were intrigued that it was made from a glass bowl, wooden knob, flower pot and saucer (yes - that is it besides the paint and some glue). Thinking that everyone should have their own candy dispenser, we decided to spend a day making some. The old fashion gumball machine was the choice for the boys. Each one of them painted it red, then added the details before putting on the clear coat to make it really shine.  They were equally fascinated that I actually had purchased candy from the 5 cent gumball machine when I was a kid.
"Wow mom, I bet you bought lots of candy!" . Unfortunately I had to break the news to them that I usually only had a nickel when I went to the store.
Everyone agreed that chocolate m&m's should go in them. They are so lucky because their MeMe and Pa had gave them each a bag recently. It filled their dispensers right up. Now we just have the constant accusation of "someone has been in my candy jar mom!!!!". Believe me, if that is the worst I have to deal with, we are doing good. Speaking of Pa, we made one for him too.
He is a Tennessee fan so it called for a coat of white and orange. Pa was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago.  We chose to fill his with sugar free hard candy. He use to eat fireballs all the time. I searched everywhere (in a store, guess I should look on the internet too) for them in sugar free form but it was a no go. Overall he was happy with it. Of course you know how grandparents are, they think everything their grandchildren do for them is special. That is why grandparents are the best! I know mine were. I had the most wonderful grandparents and lots of warm loving memories of how special they made me feel!


  1. Really cute and easy to do!

  2. How simple and cute this looks! I might could do this!!!! Happy 4th of July. Be blessed. Cindy

  3. I want to make those! I'm thinking maybe for Peyton's preschool teachers this year! :-)


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