Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Reading Challenge

Well I have tried to post 3 times this week but my blogger account has been acting up, actually my whole google account has been hit or miss this week. That just means I have some catching up to do with you. We did make it to the library the other day to sign up for the summer reading program. We are lucky, we have a city and a county library so we signed up for both. We also swung by Borders and Barnes & Nobles Bookstores to pick up their summer reading sheets. As happy as I am to have my boys in all of these programs, this is alot of sheets & events to keep up with. 3 boys, 4 programs.....hmmm....get the picture?  The boys are still working on their organization skills. I tend to hear "Mom, where is _______? " at least a hundred times a day (ok, I am blowing that out of proportion but honestly it FEELS like it). So I created our summer reading binder. I am a vertical filer. I tend to think better this way and have a lot less of a chance to misplace it if it is in a binder or on a clipboard. So this is what is in the binder: 10 vinyl sheet protectors, one for every child to keep his reading sheets, a sheet for each locations summer events and a sheet for me (They offer an adult summer challenge too) . I put our receipts from the libraries in the front pocket of the binder. This is great to doublecheck that all books are accounted for before we leave to return them. I use the back pocket to store the book review sheets that the boys fill out so that we can discuss the books and I can monitor their comprehension. 

It has been great to utilize this system. I feel so much better knowing that all the info is in one place. Which by the way is always stored on my desk. You do not want this little fellow walking all over the house. They must come to it to record their info. When we are ready to go to the library, I just grab our binder and basket of books to go. A lot less headaches and nobody can say they have lost their sheets!  If you are interested in the book review sheets,  you may find them  at Super Teachers Worksheets . Hope everyone has a great day! :)
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