Monday, June 28, 2010

Tu-tu Cute!

These are cute, don't you think? One of my friends was given these for her newborn daughter. We were all oohing and ahhing over them while she was contemplating what kind of outfit to put together to match the shoes. I suggested a pink onesie with a lime green tutu with a matching design on the onesie. So that is how this little project came to be. We were lucky she actually already had a hot pink onesie so I just cut a flower design with freezer paper to create a stencil. After adding the flower to the front , I thought I would embroider an A across the flower since her sweet little ones name starts with an A. Not only did I think it would look good, I was so anxious to use my new embroidery machine. Yeah.... I just jumped right on that and I could not have been happier with the result. YAY for embroidery machines! 
Now I just had to attach the Tu-tu. Ok let me just say working with netting , tulle is a pain to some degree. I am sure the more you work with it, the easier it becomes. As a mom with 3 boys, well you just do not have lots of dates with tulle. I keep hoping that one day my boys will marry some sweet girls and give me a granddaughter so I can do all of this on a regular basis. As far now I must live vicariously through my friends. *LOL*
This was the end result and I think it turned out tu-tu adorable for words. I can not wait to see "A" in it for her 6 month pictures.

Now I just need to make a little bow to match for her hair and I think she will be set!

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting from the sugar & spice party. This is absolutely adorable!


  2. Just the cutest thing EVER!!!! Love that ribbon, too!


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