Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The love of books

Before you say anything, I know that I am addicted to freezer paper stenciling but I have to share how cute these Sk8r shirts turned out for the boys. I have an entire journal devoted just to tshirts designs now. I am trying to draw them out and paint a couple a week so as I do I will be sharing them with you. You have been warned ,*LOL*.
The boys have actually put in request for some designs from their favorite books. I am sure some find that funny. I am absolutely  lucky that my boys LOVE to read. My children get excited about going to the library and the bookstore the way most children react to visiting the toy store. I get so many questions of how I managed to raise readers. It is an excellent question but one that is easily answered. My husband and I love to read. We have books, magazines and newspapers everywhere in the house. Our day usually starts with everyone reading something and always ends with reading. It is always the last thing we do before lights are turned out. My children think it is just very common that you read the newspaper in the morning. They do not know any other way of life. I think the thing that is amazing is that I actually have a son who is dyslexic. Reading did not come easily to him but we dug in and found what worked for him. He never gave up and has a genuine love for books. When the boys were little I read to each of them every night. Once they were able to start reading, they would read to me. Now that they are all older we pick books to read and discuss. It is one of my favorite things to do with my boys. I love to hear their perspective on the stories. I have also been delightfully surprised by some of the stories they have chosen to read together.
Which is why I must wrap this post up. We have got to go to the library and the bookstores today for them to sign up for the summer reading programs. They keep giving me the look...you know the one....  MOM come on, lets go look! 

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  1. I am totally addicted to freezer paper stencils. I hold no shame. ;)

    Very cute shirts!


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