Thursday, June 3, 2010

Got skill!

With 3 boys, we really have lots of marbles (seriously we have them everywhere, in jars, bags, and boxes!) rolling around our house. So I went bonkers when I saw a rug in a toy catalogue. I knew my boys would enjoy it. Unfortunately the frugal side of me just could not justify spending $60+ on it.  I kept thinking I would make a floorcloth out of canvas but time marched on and I did not get around to it because I knew the floorcloth was not the same as the rug. Last year I ran in the dollar store (Family Dollar, I think) to pick up containers for the classroom  and guess what??? I found this for $5!!!!! I instantly knew I could work with this.... a little paint and it would be gametime!
We laid out the lines and circles where we wanted them. Next we added color by taping the sections off and we spray painted the sections in. We just used whatever colors of spray paint we had hanging out in the garage from left over projects.  I added the words and numbers with a sharpie. I would suggest using a new one not a dull one. I did have to switch to a brand new Sharpie to get it as dark as I wanted it.
Here is what we ended up with.....

Now the boys have a rainy day activity and can work on their skills unplugged.
It definately does not get any better than that!
On a side note we have decided to make the back of the rug into a putting game.Stay tuned for that update.

I am linking this game rug up to these great links .Check them out if you would like more cool ideas to do with your family.

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  1. What a fantastic idea!! You rock!!

  2. I'm sure the kiddos love it. Thanks for linking up.

  3. Wow, awesome as usual, Cassie! Love the unplugged-ness of it. Many of our students would benefit from some unplugged-ness. Remind me to tell you about a sort of similar-looking project Trevor made when he was in college. It was NOT an assignment and here's a hint - it was for use with ping pong balls (and beverages) instead of marbles. LOL!

  4. What a great idea! We have tons of marbles but have never played any games with them! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  5. Love it great idea! Is it a regular rug or felt type of rug? Might have to make one but we don't own marbles so I would have to get those too. I saw on family fun a cool thing with marbles. Cutting a pool tube in half with a start and go sign tape them together with the inside out prop it up and have them do marble races down the shoots. I got a few for a dollar at the dollar store so going to try to make those. I will post a pic when I get done.

  6. Oh yeah we have done that before Kelly. The boys loved it! Of course that was several years ago..... I could prob do it again this summer.It would more than likely feel new again to them. LOL!

  7. Cool idea!! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!


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