Tuesday, September 21, 2010


 I am serious when I say that all of you who have girls must have some fun times when shopping. I would be broke if I had a girl. The twins and I headed to the outlets today in search of sweaters and shoes. I saw so many adorable things for girls. It is just so much fun dressing a girl. Dressing a boy is fun too until they realize that tshirts and jeans are the best thing for them. They each found a pair of shoes and maybe two other things they liked. I found some really cool shoes for them but they looked like I had grown a third head when I suggested it. Their response was we have crocs, we have tennis shoes, why do we need these brown loafers? Well they did not need them but they would look cute with some of the shirts and jeans I saw. I finally called it a day and came home. Oh, do not get me wrong, I had fun with the munchkins. It was nice to get out in the autumn weather. They even remarked how pretty a day it was. Ben and Jerrys was the highlight of their day. I just realized I have lost them to the comfort world of jeans and Tshirts. Only so much we can do with that!

After we got home, I finished up this shirt for a little girl. It is a fun applique of a pumpkin. We could have stopped right there. It would  have look great as is but since I do not have a girl...... well I just had to add more to it because it is fun to do when you can. Ribbons and buttons now adorn the shirt and I added 3 inches of fabric to the bottom. 

I think it would look awesome layered over an orange shirt. We will have to see how Miss C wants to wear it. She knew she wanted the pumpkin design so I am sure she knows just how she wants to wear it too.

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  1. Very cute! I LOVED seeing you today. We really miss you. I was teaching them how to use magnetic letters yesterday and started giggling, thinking of your demo about what not to do with the word cards. Remember?


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