Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Productive Days

Sometimes you have an incredible productive day but just really do not have  alot to show for it. That would be the case today. I really got  a great deal of stuff done but it was all kind of like behind the scenes type stuff. I managed to do lots of domestic stuff like laundry, dinners in the freezer and  cleaned out the fridge.  Somehow I managed to get extra stuff done too. For example - I schooled the boys, designed 2 birthday shirts, 6 halloween buckets, cut fabric, made fudge for about 50 people, planned next weeks lessons for the boys and started baking cookies for a baby shower.  You would think I would show you something from all that but I do not think you want to see my messy kitchen from baking, my folded laundry or lesson planning book. 
It was a great day though. Trust was a productive day. That always leaves me with a wonderful feeling.  I like it when things are checked off my list, don't you?

However, I can show you these adorable hair clippies I made the other day. They are super easy to stitch out on the embroidery machine. As soon as A has some hair, we will put these pumpkins in her hair. For now we will have to clip them to her headband. Hopefully I can do a pumpkin applique shirt for her this coming week after I am done with this baby shower I am baking for.
These little scotties are too cute. For some reason I always think of herringbone patterns and scotties together. Wierd how we form these images in our head.
I have a few more to share but I may have another "not much to show you day" so I had better wait just in case!

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