Saturday, September 25, 2010

Candy Corn

Candy Corn.....some people eat it just during the fall. I could eat it all the time. I love those little pieces of candy. They taste sooo good! Even the colors are tantalizing. That is why I was tickled when someone ordered the candy corn font for their bucket. I have  worked on it off and on all week. I redid the tulle around it twice before I finally was satisfied with the end result. Here it is during the process. This was after I took the tulle out and started over again.
I do not know what the problem was but I just did not like how it was shaping up. I had the same feeling with the witch hat bucket right beside it. As matter of fact I just redid the tulle on it too. But considering I have been ill with a sore throat, I guess we ended on a good note. I think it turned out to be one of the sweetest buckets I have made! What do you think?

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