Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time Off

Everybody needs it right? Well I decided I needed a night off so I hosted a party for my friend Maria who sells Premier Jewelry. It was so much fun spending an evening with friends laughing and conversing. If you have never been to a Premier Jewelry, I highly recommend attending one. They just celebrated 25 years in business. The very first piece I bought was back before my  eldest son was born ( remember he is 14) and I never attended the party. I ordered from a client who was having a party. Honestly I traveled and worked such long hours back then, it just was never possible for me to attend something like that. Now I am always running to spend a little time away form the kids with some friends especially since I homeschool. I do miss my daily adult interaction I received when I worked a job. But back to what I was going to share with you. If you attend a party, they share so many cool tricks of how to interchange your jewelry and basically get more bang for your buck. It is so neat and really simple stuff to do to give your jewelry a new look. SO that is all I have to share with you tonight. Nothing crafty just how much I enjoyed my night off with my friends.
 If you have not spent some time with a friend lately, do it, for it will do your soul some good! :-)

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