Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just a little raggy!

I will make this a quick little post because to be honest I am just slap worn out!
Remember my last trip.....oh how wonderful and glorious it was..... Well not so much with this one. This has truly been a long day for this household. It seemed as if all parties were in a "mood" and then the traffic did not help. But enough of my ordeal.
Let us move onto something a little more interesting. I gave you a peek of this bib I made for Jamie yesterday.
I actually saw a burpcloth sewn like this and was very intrigued by the effect.
After making the burpcloth I thought I would try the same effect on a bib. I made the front side with a pocket and it is reversible. The reversed side is this cute jungle print.
 Overall  it was a neat project  to work on and I was very pleased with the ragged edge. Let me just add  that they are super soft too which is always a nice bonus for a baby. 

I hope your weekend is turning out great. Hopefully I can share some nice beach pics tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe I can report that the "mood "has left this household.
That would be nice, right?

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  1. Very cute. Perhaps for my future grandkids. I do like the ragged edge and the unique look.


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