Friday, August 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Do you remember the Photo Letter giveaway I had a couple of weeks ago? Well Jamie was our winner and she chose the word "HOME". Now I did not know at the time but when Jamie was chosen as the winner, she had been through a horrible day. Her home was flooded downstairs. She had come home to find about 2-3 inches of standing water downstairs. Okay here is the kicker.....Jamie was pregnant, has a 20 mo.old child and her husband was out to sea at the time. I felt so sorry for her. I am sure most women can recall how emotional you are that last month anyway, and then the stress of taking care of everything by herself. I am sure it was all just a bit overwhelming. I was glad that she had won and made me feel as if maybe I was able to give her a little bit of sunshine that week. 
After choosing her colors of earthtones, this is what I created for her........
I found a qoute about home or families to embellish each letter with.
 From the colors she described to me that are in her living room, I believe it should play off well together .
I really love this patterned paper on the M that she chose. It blends everything just perfectly.
Anxiously I am waiting to see a pic of them hanging with Jamie's favorite photos clipped on them.

Jamie gave birth to a boy shortly after the giveaway so I decided to make her a little something for the baby too. She had no idea I was doing this but I just could not believe everything she had been through those last few weeks of her pregnancy. I wish I could have done more. Plus I love making baby stuff! Here is a peek at it but I will tell you more about it tomorrow.
 Have a great evening and do not forget to enter the Halloween Bucket Giveaway if you have not already. We choose a winner Sunday evening.


  1. I am Sabrina's mom and she sent me a link to your blog. I just love what you are doing, so cute. Congratulations on beginning your new endeavor. I so appreciate that you are such a good friend to Sabrina.

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