Sunday, April 25, 2010

one sock, two socks, red socks, blue socks.....

I had big plans to finish up some big projects in the twins room but that was sidelined with an illness Gaelan brought home. Soooo I had to work on a project that was super easy, quick and cheap. I decided it was time to get their sock drawer under control. More than likely you have seen the sock organizers they sell like this one. They usually cost around $9.

After looking at it for a time I really figured I could do the same thing with some posterboard, cardboard, or tagboard for all of our drawers. Normally their socks look like this in a drawer.

Since I had posterboard around the house, it was an obvious choice.
I measured the drawers width and depth. The boys and I cut the posterboard into strips according to the measurements.

We cut up halfway every 3.5 inches apart on all of the strips.
After cutting the strips, you can interlock them by sliding the cuts into one another.
Once they are interlocked, you can slide it in the drawer and you have
a nice little square to store the socks in.

Overall this turned out great for the price and it has made such a difference
with them putting all of their clothes away.
 So lets review my requirements for this project:
It must be super easy..... my 9 yr olds did most of the work.
It must be quick.....hmmm took maybe 10 minutes total.
It must be cheap..... cost less than a dollar!

Now I just need to make some more to organize the rest......

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  1. Mercy, I need to do this for my hubby! You go girl! Thanks for sharing and be blessed. Cindy

  2. Very good idea I would have to make my a little more damage proof wonder if foam board would work a little more cutting. Chris would love this he loves his socks and to be organized.

  3. Thanks for commenting ladies. I made two more sets our of cardboard. I do not know about the faomboard. I am sure that would work too.

  4. Hey, Goldilocks! Love the blog!! See you on Monday. Hope the carnival was good.



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