Thursday, April 8, 2010

One of my favorite places

I absolutely love visiting thrift stores, garage sales or flea markets. I love the hunt for something special, the unexpected and the forgotten object waiting to be treasured again. I am so lucky that where we live now has so many thrift stores and community yard sales. I know not everyone appreciates old or used things but I have always been someone who never quites looks at things as they are but more of what they can be. Just look at what I found last week :

I think these will look so sweet hanging in my kichen. They were just 50 cents ea!

I loved these dishes! I thought these would look great for a spring table setting.
(Excuse the mess in the pic , I am on spring break and have like 5 projects going, all in seperate rooms!)

I plan on transforming this into something  really neat for the garden. I will have to show you when I am done!  I usually spend my Saturday morning hitting up my local thrift stores. I do believe my boys have inherited this gene too. They tend to be very disappointed if for some reason we do not head out for our weekly excursion. Well I need to get busy with all of these projects I am working on. My spring break is slipping away rather quickly!


  1. Oh girl, I so love your dishes. Especially the green!!!! I've been searching for some of those as well but with no luck. Be blessed. cindy

  2. Cindy I hope you find some one day while you are out treasure hunting. I have been looking for some for what seems forever. Good luck and let me know when you find some!

  3. I love yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets Cassie, great finds :-)
    Jamie Lea

  4. love the dishes, I will be on the lookout for some. the wire teapot caught my eye, what are you doing with that?
    love ya, Mom

  5. I love vintage things. I want to start going to garage sales and flea markets. You should post tips on how to get good deals or where to look for the best used stuff. If you don't do a whole blog post then post it in my BF community if you would like. I would love that!!!

  6. I love finding stuff and all you need is can of spray paint a glue gun and soon you have things people pay hundreds for. I think I might have to start a new blog on my projects! Great work Cassie!!


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