Sunday, April 18, 2010

Learning facts!

So the twins have been learning multiplication and division facts all year. The problem was none of it was sticking with them. Some of you may know but anyway, the twins were born at 25 weeks. This has and still does create some challenges while they are growing. To begin with, it was developmental and health issues. Now we have moved on to learning issues. Their older brother seems to thrive in school and these two really have to work harder to retain and process all the info they are taught. I have been drilling them on their facts since last summer. Let me just say.... that has been hit or miss! One day they know them , the next day they don't. They were miserable and I was frustrated. Out of desperation I started searching for some ways  that other parents or teachers were able to instruct times tables to children with LD's. Look at what I found:

 I found several other products that had the same basic principal behind it but this one seemed to be priced right and I loved that it had a free trial offer. That was the clincher for me. The downloaded version contains the 9 facts. IT works!!!! My boys had the 9 facts memorized within a 2 day period. gets even better...... the boys tore open the package when we got the entire system in the mail because they were so excited about learning their multiplication facts. How Awesome is that !?! Within a weeks period they now know more than 80% of their facts. We probably could have done better than that but we have been sick this past week so studying has been hit or miss. I can not say enough good things about Times tales. It is fun, easy and the perfect visual mnuemonic system for the child that has trouble with memory recall. I am so happy that the twins are enjoying that wonderful feeling of success and accomplishment! It truly was worth every penny I invested!

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  1. I am so glad this is working out for you and the kids. I will pass this info. on to others as well. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed. Cindy


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