Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Huge Giveaways!!

For those of you that love giveaways, you need to hop on over to the Boutique Challenge Group on facebook. They are having a HUGE giveaway when they reach 5000 fans. I submitted one of our Super Hero Sets for the giveaway.  

The Super Hero Sets have become one of our most popular items. They can be designed with any color combination. Currently I offer two sets, the standard which is a lined cape with an emblem on one side, Super Hero ID card,  and coordinating mask/ wristbands. The deluxe cape set has a reversible cape instead which you choose a lightning bolt, star, heart or any other design on one side and the initial emblem on the reversed side. Now the one I am giving away is the mega deluxe set because it will include all of the above mentioned plus our newest design....... A power belt . I am so excited about it. I designed it this past weekend and it looks so cute. I think it completes the adventure perfectly.
If you were wondering what all can you do with these cape sets, hopefully you realize from the pictures, that we can design them to fit your childs personality perfectly. We can do logos that resemble superman or batman or the pow , bam comic book style logo.

Now maybe you are not interested in the Super Hero Set, you should still go check the event . They have over 250 prizes to hand out to some lucky people. You will need to look at both albums to see the prizes. The 1st album has 200 prizes and the 2nd album has about 70 prizes in it. So many beautiful items: jewelry, bibs, clothing, hair bows, hair bow holders, key fobs, certificates and the list goes on and on. Once you look through the albums, to enter, you comment under the picture (oh yeah, you obviously have to be a fan of the Boutique Challenge Group, remember it is a fan appreciation event ) and you must like the page of the boutique offering the prize you entered for. Thats it, easy peasy! Then you sit back, watch, cross your fingers and hope that you win! I will be hoping you win too.  ;-)

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