Thursday, March 17, 2011


That is surely what you must think happened to this lady. I wish I could say that is what happened.  Oh how nice it would have been to have slept through some of that cold winter weather and just wake up to the beauty of spring.

 However that is not the excuse I can give to you concerning my MIA status over here in blogland.  SO what can I give you as an excuse..........
hmmmm...........  well...... you see........ its like this............. I have been swamped with homeschooling, winter illnesses, meeting deadlines for orders, Christmas, more winter illnesses, lesson planning, cooking, cleaning, sewing, babysitting and just about everything else that falls under the sunshine. The reality of it is this - I just would not make the time to write and share because sometimes when you are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and thrown into overdrive you really do not need one more thing on your plate, KWIM? Plus, do you really want to hear how I am drowning in the neverending pool of task that I have on my To Do list?

For some reason my plate seems to be full before I can even get started with my day.
As the day progresses....many things tend to get pushed further and further to the side of the plate. Not intentionally but it just happens. I love my blog, I love creating, I love a clean house, I love my friends, I love my family, I love to read,  I love so many things that life offers to me but as the time ticks away I must prioritize between necessities and luxuries. It is such a huge balancing act that I obviously am still working on like every other mother in the world .

So for whatever the reason, just know I have been maintaining life. Sometimes that involved teaching the boys, sometimes it involved a mundane task around the house and sometimes it involved creating an item that was ordered. I will try to write and share often but honestly, that is all I can do. I am sure all of you can relate.

If you can not relate, this would be the time to zip it, hold that thought, do not share because really none of us need or want to hear how wonderfully you have got it all together. We would really like to believe that you too are living in that constant chaotic feeling of  "where did my day go" mode as you review your day only realizing in that precise moment..... You actually only managed to cross off a couple of items on the the never ending list of things TO DO.


  1. I can *so* relate. :) We seem to be in an endless game of catch up over here. I think you are such a great mom, you always seem to have it all together!

  2. Here here! This is exactly what I have felt lately. Honestly thought that it would get better after the holidays, but I am still chasing my tail...and in a slump of major proportions!!! Seriously...all the ones that seems so perfect and appear to have it all together are just putting on a good show!

  3. Guess that would have been better if I posted as myself...running all these blogs seems to also be catching up with me! ~Lindsay


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