Friday, May 21, 2010

Cookie monsters

That is exactly what we are at this house. We LOVE cookies. Obviously my attraction to cookies have led to numerous attempts at cookie recipes. I like to think of myself as a decent baker now due to all of those attempts to quench our desire for COOKIES. It is not unusual for us to bake cookies at our house on the average of 3 times a week. Most people love cookies so I tend to give them out as gifts quite often too. This has led to the quest for the best packaging system for them. I have done cookie boxes, cookie tins and treat bags. None seem to do it for me. Cookie boxes and tins keep them safe but I like for my cookies to be seen. I think this is important anytime you give food items. Well okay, maybe not but I know it just makes my mouth water when I see a beautiful cookie! Treat bags are cute but usually your cookies will get banged up and possibly crumble during tranportation. Just this past year I have started packing my cookies in cups or glasses. It is awesome. I love the fact they are protected, seen and packaged oh so cute! It is also very economical. I have used clear solo cups for kids, actual glasses and plastic cups. All of them work great for round cookies. Shaped cookies, well for obvious reasons does not work as well. LOL!  I usually put some tissue paper or paper grass at the bottom.  Then I just stack them up, slip the cup into a clear treat bag and tie it up.   EASY !                                     

Lemon crinkles ready to go in a flash......

  The cups are awesome for christmas cookie exchanges too! I packaged these in hard plastic cups bought at the dollar store (4 in a pk). I slipped them into a xmas cello bag, attached the recipe, a large jingle bell and some christmas curling ribbon tied it all together.

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